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We're proud to have some of the most creative and experienced people in the world working at Kodak - some of whom have been with us for more than three decades.  But we're also dedicated to finding the next generation of innovators - to continue to drive us, and our vision, toward a bright future.



"You can utilize all the talents and skills you have, directing them towards a problem. You have the freedom to test, trial and innovate. I am empowered to do my best."

- Carson Hassett, Electro-Mechanical Technician Apprentice

  • The Apprenticeship Program

    The Kodak Apprenticeship Program will help you develop new skills, which in turn will open up a world of new and exciting career prospects.

    We pay for your training, and you earn an income - which increases as you progress through your apprenticeship.  And at the end, you'll be a certified New York State apprentice with a promising new career at Kodak waiting for you.

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    Our Apprenticeship Programs

    • Maintenance Mechanic (AEMs)
    • Electrician
    • Electro-Mechanical Technician
    • Instrument Electrical Mechanic (E&I Mechanic)
    • Pipefitter
    • Machinist or Maintenance Machinist
    • Building Maintenance Mechanic
  • apprenticeships, jobs at Kodak

    How our apprenticeship works

    We pair our apprentices with a 'journeyman' to guide them through the program and offer on-the-job training. As well as working in your area of choice, you'll have the chance to work in other areas for short periods of time.

    You'll have a daily log book, to ensure you're receiving the proper training - these will be checked by the Department of Labor twice a year.

  • apprenticeships, jobs at Kodak

    How our apprenticeship works

    You'll take classes related to your training during the course of your apprenticeship - typically two per year, with programs running 2-5 years depending on the discipline.  We'll pay for all your classes and books.

    Upon completion you become a certified Journeyman in your field of study.

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    The Internship Program

    For high school and college students, our Internship Program gives you the opportunity to join us for a short period of time to gain some valuable work experience, with the potential to extend your intership into full-time employment.

  • Our Internship Programs

    College Internships:

    If you're a full-time student enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's, and/or PhD degree program, this internship gives you the chance to gain work experience in your field of study - with a potential full-time role at Kodak for you when you graduate.

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    Our Internship Programs

    AAS/AOS Co-op Internships:

    If you're a full-time college student enrolled in an associate degree program, this program gives you paid work experience in your field of study within one of two categories: business support or lab/technical support.

  • internships, jobs at Kodak

    Our Internship Programs

    High School Co-op Internships:

    If you're a high school student looking to explore potential career options at Kodak, this program gives you paid, hands-on work experience in your chosen field, as you make the transition into work or college.

internships, jobs at Kodak

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